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How to Complete an Adoption in Council Bluffs

How to Complete an Adoption in Council Bluffs

When you are considering an adoption in Council Bluffs — whether as a hopeful parent or a prospective birth parent — you will need the assistance of professional adoption services through every step of the process. Adoption is a complicated journey for all involved, but when you choose to work with attorney Ken Nelson, you can be sure that all necessary requirements are taken care of properly.

The Nelson Law Firm works across the state of Iowa, which means that Ken Nelson can serve as your adoption attorney in Council Bluffs, whether you’re looking to adopt a baby or “give a baby up” for adoption in Council Bluffs. In addition to providing legal services, Ken will help you understand your rights during the adoption process, explain what you can expect and refer to you any other Council Bluffs adoption professionals you may desire.

To learn more about the Nelson Law Firm’s legal adoption services, please contact the office today.

While Ken can provide general support and oversight through your Iowa adoption process, you may also need additional professionals for certain steps of your adoption journey. Ken is happy to provide referrals to local adoption professionals for whatever services your adoption requires.

A few of these professionals are listed below.

Infant Adoption Agencies in Council Bluffs

Many people — whether they are interested in adopting a child or placing their child for adoption — take advantage of the services offered by adoption agencies in Council Bluffs and across the state of Iowa. A private domestic infant adoption has many complicated emotional and practical aspects, and an adoption agency provides professional case management and counseling services to make this journey as easy as possible.

Adoption agencies can provide almost all of the services needed to adopt a baby or place a baby for adoption in Council Bluffs, but an adoption attorney is still needed to complete the legal requirements of the process. Attorney Ken Nelson frequently works with prospective adoptive parents and birth parents on their agency-assisted adoptions. For those who are interested in utilizing an adoption agency’s services, Ken can suggest many professionals which, although they don’t have an office in Council Bluffs, work with clients statewide.

Some examples include:

If you are interested in completing an adoption across the state border in Nebraska, you may consider contacting a Nebraska adoption agency like:

Prospective adoptive parents from Iowa who end up adopting a child in another state can always work with attorney Ken Nelson for the legal services necessary for an interstate adoption.

Foster Care Adoption Agencies in Council Bluffs

Not all hopeful parents are interested in adopting an infant in Council Bluffs. For those who are interested in adopting an older child, foster care adoption may be the right path.

In order to complete a foster care adoption in Iowa, prospective parents will need to work with an adoption attorney and a foster care agency. Attorney Ken Nelson can complete the legal steps of your adoption, while a foster care agency will help you prepare for the challenges of adopting a child from foster care and help you find the perfect adoption opportunity for your family’s situation.

Those interested in a foster care adoption in Council Bluffs will need to work with the Department of Human Services or a foster care adoption agency to build their family. The Pottawattamie County office is located at:

417 East Kanesville Boulevard

Council Bluffs, IA 51503


Some statewide foster care adoption agencies include:

Those in the Council Bluffs area who are interested in adopting a foster child from Nebraska can also work with these local adoption agencies:

Home Study Providers in Council Bluffs

No matter which adoption process a prospective adoptive parent is interested in, he or she will need to complete a home study investigation in preparation for an adoption placement. This is a legal requirement that ensures a prospective adoptive family is prepared to bring an adopted child into their household.

During an Iowa home study investigation, an adoption social worker will conduct in-house interviews with all members of the adoptive family and ensure that a house is a safe environment in which to raise a child. No matter where you are located in Iowa, a home study provider will send a social worker to you. There are a few home study providers that work across the state of Iowa:

It’s important to note that an Iowa home study provider must complete your home study, despite Council Bluffs’ proximity to the Nebraska state line.

Hospitals in Council Bluffs

Women who ask, “Can I give a baby up for adoption in Council Bluffs?” always have the right to informative, objective education about all of their unplanned pregnancy options, including adoption.

If you are in this situation, you can contact attorney Ken Nelson to learn more about the adoption process and receive referrals to local adoption agencies and counselors in Council Bluffs who can help you make the best decision. If you choose to pursue the adoption process, you will receive assistance from all of the local adoption professionals you need.

One of these professionals is your chosen obstetrician and delivery hospital. When you pursue adoption in Council Bluffs, all of your pregnancy medical expenses will be free to you, and you will have the right to choose a medical professional you are comfortable with.

Some of your local options include:

800 Mercy Drive

Council Bluffs, IA 51503


933 East Pierce Street

Council Bluffs, IA 51503


1604 Second Avenue

Council Bluffs, IA 51501


Start Your Council Bluffs Adoption

Prospective adoptive parents and expectant mothers often have a seemingly complicated path ahead of them when they are thinking about adoption in Council Bluffs. However, by contacting an adoption professional like attorney Ken Nelson from the start, you can receive the information and support you need to make the best decision for your circumstances.

To learn more about starting the adoption process in Council Bluffs today, please contact the Nelson Law Firm.

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