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How to Complete an Adoption in Iowa City

How to Complete an Adoption in Iowa City

When completing an adoption in Iowa City or anywhere else in Iowa, it’s critically important to work with experienced adoption professionals. There are many complicated steps involved in a successful adoption process, and both prospective adoptive parents and birth parents will need professional advice to move forward with the path that’s best for them.

Attorney Ken Nelson can work with both those wish to adopt a baby in Iowa City and those who wish to give a baby up for adoption in Iowa City — and can provide the information and legal guidance you need to reach your adoption goals. As your adoption attorney in Iowa City, Ken can:

  • Explain the adoption process and answer any questions you may have
  • File the appropriate adoption paperwork to your local court
  • Explain your rights during an Iowa City adoption and obtain birth parent consents
  • Arrange and attend a finalization hearing to complete the adoption

Every person completing an adoption in Iowa City will need an adoption attorney to manage the legal steps — but additional adoption professionals may also be needed, as well. After discussing your adoption goals and preferences with you, Ken will suggest any additional professionals that are needed and refer you to ones he trusts

Find out more about these professionals below.

Infant Adoption Agencies in Iowa City

Prospective birth parents and adoptive parents may wish to work with an adoption agency to complete their Iowa City adoption. While an adoption attorney can provide all of the legal guidance needed for an adoption, an adoption agency provides all other necessary services — like case management, counseling and more.

Attorney Ken Nelson frequently works with adoptive parents and prospective birth parents on their agency-assisted adoptions, and he can always suggest local adoption agencies to provide any additional adoption services a parent desires. Here are a few local professionals to consider:

Remember, even if you work with an adoption agency in Iowa City, you will still need an adoption attorney. Contact Ken Nelson today to learn more about the legal services he provides.

Foster Care Adoption Agencies in Iowa City

Parents who wish to adopt a child in Iowa City from the foster care system will need to work with both an adoption attorney and a foster care adoption agency. While an attorney provides the legal guidance for this kind of adoption, an agency provides necessary training for hopeful parents and assistance finding the perfect adoption opportunity for their family’s circumstances.

The Department of Human Services oversees all foster care adoption in Iowa City and the state of Iowa.  You can find your local office at:

855 S. Dubuque Street

Iowa City, IA 52240


There are also a few local foster care adoption agencies that prospective adoptive parents may consider working with:

Home Study Providers in Iowa City

Whether prospective parents are considering a private domestic infant adoption or a foster care adoption in Iowa City, they will need to complete an adoption home study before they can become parents. This is a legal requirement set by the state of Iowa to ensure that all prospective adoptive parents are truly prepared for the process of adoption and the unique challenges of raising an adopted child.

As the name would suggest, Iowa home studies are completed within the prospective adoptive parents’ home. To learn more about the home study process, contact one of these Iowa professionals:

Hospitals in Iowa City

Pregnant women considering adoption in Iowa City should know that they can receive local, professional guidance as they determine how to proceed with their unplanned pregnancy. While Ken Nelson can serve as your Iowa City adoption attorney, he can also suggest local adoption professionals to provide additional services you may need.

One of the most important professionals for women with unplanned pregnancies is their medical professional. Even if you are still considering adoption, it’s important that you and your unborn baby receive the prenatal care you need. Women who pursue adoption can access medical care completely for free, and their medical and adoption professionals will work with them to create a hospital delivery plan that fits their personal preferences.

As a woman considering adoption, you have the right to work with a medical professional with whom you are comfortable. There are a few local options:

500 E. Market Street

Iowa City, IA 52245


200 Hawkins Drive

Iowa City, IA 52242


850 Orchard Street

Iowa City, IA 52246


Start Your Iowa City Adoption

No matter where you are in your adoption journey and whether you are a prospective birth parent or adoptive parent, it is important that you have all the information you need to make an educated decision. Each person’s situation is unique, which means each adoption is unique, as well. To learn more about what your own Iowa City adoption process may look like, please contact the Nelson Law Firm today.

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