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What Papers Are Needed to Give a Child Up for Adoption in Iowa?

When you’re in the early stages of pursuing adoption and you’re learning how to sign up for adoption, it’s helpful to know what papers are needed to give a child up for adoption in Iowa. Adoption can be a complicated process, with many different rights and responsibilities involved — and it can be confusing to know what “giving-up-for-adoption” forms you may need along the way. Where can you even find an Iowa adoption application for pregnant women?

First, take a deep breath. We know that placing a child for adoption can be confusing, which is why our legal team is here to help. Secondly, remember that placing a child for adoption is not “giving up” or “giving them away” — instead, you are choosing to give them the best life possible with a family who can provide opportunities you may be unable to yourself at this time.

When you’re ready, know that the Nelson Law Firm can help you with all of the “giving-a-child-up-for-adoption” legal papers that you’ll eventually need to sign. In the meantime, all you need to do is contact our law firm at 319-291-6161 to learn more about adoption in Iowa and begin your adoption process.

What Papers are Needed to Give a Baby Up for Adoption?

When you work with an adoption professional, your Iowa adoption process will be managed by someone experienced in this life-changing journey. Your professional will help you through every step along the way, including helping you complete any necessary forms for giving a baby up for adoption. Our legal team can always answer your questions about what papers are needed to give a baby up for adoption in your situation, but here are a few that you may expect to fill out along the way.

Your Social & Medical History Form

If you are considering adoption, you will need to share certain information with your adoption professional so they can guide you through this journey. You may fill out a social and medical history form, which will detail your and your baby’s background. This form will be used throughout the adoption process to help you find the perfect adoptive parents for your baby and more.

The social and medical history form will often ask you for:

  • your basic personal and contact information.
  • information about you and the birth father’s racial and ethnic backgrounds.
  • information about you and the birth father’s relationship (i.e. is he involved in the adoption, will he consent, etc.).
  • your reasons for choosing adoption.
  • a detailed description of your family’s medical history and the birth father’s family history (if possible).
  • a list of any medical conditions that run in the families or that you or the birth father has.
  • …and more.

Any medical information you provide will be used to ensure you are getting the medical care you need and will help your adoption professionals match you with an adoptive family who can meet your baby’s individual health and medical needs. Even after the adoption process is complete, this information can help keep your baby safe and healthy, so it’s important to be honest when completing your medical history form. To protect your privacy, any information provided to the adoptive family will not include identifying personal information, unless you are comfortable including it. None of the information that you provide in those forms can be used against you or will prevent you from placing your child for adoption.

The information that you provide in the social and medical history forms in your print or online forms for giving a baby up for adoption will directly help your birth child someday, so please be detailed and honest in completing them.

Your Adoption Plan

As you begin your adoption process in Iowa, you will be asked to create an adoption plan. This plan will detail every aspect of your adoption, including:

  • What kind of family you want to adopt your child
  • What kind of post-placement relationship you wish to have
  • What kind of delivery and hospital experience you want
  • What professionals you will include in your adoption journey
  • And more

You will always be in charge of this adoption plan, and you will always have the right to change your mind about any aspects of your plan at any time. When you contact our law firm, a professional will help you create your personalized adoption plan by asking important questions, connecting you to additional resources and providing the necessary “giving-your-child-up-for-adoption” paperwork required at each step.

Your Adoption Consent

Finally, you will need to complete the most important of the “giving-child-up-for-adoption” legal papers: your legal adoption consent. This is the document that will officially place your child into the custody of adoptive parents and voluntarily terminate your parental rights.

You cannot sign this document before or directly after your child is born. Iowa law states that you’ll need to wait at least 72 hours after birth before you can sign the adoption consent forms. You’ll be able to go home as soon as the doctors discharge you. Attorney Ken Nelson will guide you through signing this adoption paperwork, making sure you understand what this paperwork means and the adoption rights you will have moving forward.

For more information about what papers are needed to give a child up for adoption in Iowa, we encourage you to reach out to our legal professionals. This paperwork and the legal process are made as smooth as possible for pregnant women considering adoption when you work with the Nelson Law Firm. Please, contact our law offices today to learn how to sign up for adoption and complete the “giving-a-child-up-for-adoption” legal papers you’ll need to submit.

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