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Is it Ever Too Late to Choose Adoption for My Child?

Is it Ever Too Late to Choose Adoption for My Child?

“I’ve had prospective birth mothers reach out to me with children that are four years old or children that are four days old,” Ken Nelson says. “It’s never too late.”

It’s never too late to choose adoption for your baby — and it’s never too early to start exploring your adoption options. As a new or expectant mother, you are in control of your adoption plan, and that includes deciding when you are ready to begin the process.

Here, find answers to common questions you may have if you are considering adoption early in your pregnancy, late in your pregnancy, or even after your child has been born.

Early in Your Pregnancy – When Can You Put a Child Up for Adoption?

If you recently learned of your unplanned pregnancy, you may be wondering when to start considering adoption. You may not be 100 percent certain of your adoption decision — but you do not have to be committed to adoption before contacting an adoption professional.

In fact, contacting a professional like Ken early in your pregnancy could give you more time to learn about the adoption process, receive emotional and financial support, and search for the perfect adoptive family for your baby. And reaching out to an adoption attorney or agency does not obligate you to choose adoption — you have the right to change your mind at any time until you sign the legal paperwork and your revocation period has passed.

Late in Your Pregnancy – When is it Too Late to Find Adoptive Parents for My Coming Baby?

Adoption is one of the most difficult decisions an expectant mother can make, and some women don’t begin exploring this option until the final weeks or days of their pregnancy. If this describes your situation, you may be wondering, “Is it too late to give my baby up for adoption?”

The answer to this question is always “no.” Ken can help you start the adoption process within a matter of days — including helping you find someone to adopt at birth. No matter how late you are in your pregnancy, you will have the opportunity to review and get to know pre-screened adoptive parents who are ready to commit to you and your baby. In most cases, this family will cover the costs of your uncovered hospital bills, legal fees, and counseling and living expenses for a limited time after your baby is born.

Ken can also refer you to adoption agencies that accept infants after birth for additional last-minute adoption services.

After Your Child is Born – I Just Gave Birth, Who Do I Contact About Adoption?

If you are considering giving baby up for adoption after birth, you likely have many questions about your options: Can you put your baby up for adoption after you’ve had him or her? Can you put a child up for adoption at any age? How does after-delivery adoption work?

Whether your child is days, weeks, months or even years old, adoption is always an option for you, and you will have the same choices and rights as any other mother completing the adoption process. This means that you can:

  • make an adoption plan that includes your preferences and goals for your child’s future.
  • choose the perfect adoptive parents for your child.
  • decide how much contact you want to have with the family and your child before and after the adoption.
  • receive the support and services you need to feel confident in your adoption decision.
  • determine when you are ready to sign the legal paperwork to complete the adoption process.
  • and more.

And because it is never too late to choose adoption for your child, you will also determine how quickly you want to move through each step of the process — you will never be rushed into a decision you are not comfortable with.

Remember that there is no deadline for doing what you think is best for yourself and your baby, and there is no right or wrong time to begin exploring adoption. Whether you need help exploring your options or you are ready to put a baby up for adoption after birth, you can contact Ken Nelson at any time to learn more about adoption after pregnancy, for free and with no obligation.

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