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How to Make an Adoption Profile to Best Reduce Your Wait Time

If you are considering a private domestic infant adoption in Iowa, you know that you’ll have to be chosen by a prospective birth mother as part of your adoption journey. This can be the most exciting and nerve-wracking part of your adoption process; finding the perfect adoption opportunity can seem to take forever until it finally happens.

While a prospective birth mother will always have the final say in which adoptive family she chooses, there is one thing you can do to influence the likeliness you are picked: create an attractive and engaging adoptive family profile.

In looking at examples of adoption profile books, you may be overwhelmed. You may wonder how to make an adoption profile that stands out, especially if you aren’t the creative type. Where do you even start?

An adoptive family profile doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Below, you’ll find some helpful information on how to make an adoption profile book that helps you find the perfect adoption opportunity for your family.

How to Make an Adoption Profile Book

As you look at adoption profile book ideas and adoption profile book examples, you may see a great variety in how hopeful parents choose to present themselves to prospective birth mothers. There is no single adoption profile design that parents have to use; there are many different templates that adoption agencies, facilitators and parents use across the U.S. to help connect prospective birth mothers with waiting families.

However, in all the examples of adoption profile books that you see, you will notice a common theme. These profiles often present photos and written descriptions of the waiting adoptive family to help an expectant mother learn more about them. Whether they are presented in print, online or through a video, there is one common thread: honesty and elaborate description about what kind of parents they would be to her child.

Many of the hopeful parents that our law firm works with create adoptive family profiles, either on their own or with the assistance of a matching agency. We can keep these adoption profile books on file with our law firm and present them to any prospective birth mother who approaches us. At the same time, adoptive parents can advertise and network for opportunities on their own or work with another adoption professional for matching services.

If you wish to create an adoptive family profile, our professionals can show you examples of adoption profile books for currently waiting families to help you develop some ideas for your own. We can also provide references to local matching professionals who can guide you through this creative process.

Adoption Profile Book Ideas and Tips

In order to understand how to make an adoption profile, you will first need to know what kind of adoption profile design you wish to use. You can choose to create a pamphlet or book-style adoptive family profile, or you can use a website or video style. If you work with a matching professional, you may be required to adhere to a certain style when creating your adoption profile.

Always remember this: There is no “right” way to make an adoptive family profile. As long as you are honestly representing your family, you can’t go wrong. However, there are a few “dos” and “don’ts” you’ll want to keep in mind during this process.

How to Write an Adoption Profile

When writing your adoptive family profile, you will want to focus on descriptions that detail who you are, what you would be like as parents, and what a prospective birth mother’s child’s life would be like with you. Often, families include a description of each member of the family, a letter to the prospective birth mother and a story of why they want to become parents through adoption. You could also include details like descriptions of:

  • Extended family members and family traditions
  • Your house, neighborhood and community
  • Your lifestyle and what values you wish to teach your child

While writing an adoption profile, keep in mind the expectant mother’s situation and point of view. She will still be considering adoption, so use phrases such as, “Thank you for considering adoption” rather than “choosing adoption.” Be sensitive in your words to her; avoid any discussion of money and always be honest about who you are as parents. Don’t get caught up in what you think she wants to hear. Focus on truthfully representing who you are.

How to Choose Pictures for an Adoption Profile

Written descriptions certainly play a role in a prospective birth mother’s decision but, often, an expectant mother’s gut feeling will come from the pictures included in a family’s profile. It’s always a good idea to include a variety of natural, candid photos of your family, your house and your life to help a prospective birth mother visualize what her child’s life would look like growing up with you.

Adoptive parents should be selective about the photos they choose. Photos should always be high quality, but posed professional shots can come across as stuffy or unnatural. Instead of dressing up for photos, wear what you would wear every day, even after you become a parent.

As you look at adoption profile book examples, take note of what you think are the best profiles. Usually, these will include happy, smiling, natural photos of waiting parents that will help put a prospective birth mother at ease.

If you are in search of more adoption profile book ideas and tips, we encourage you to reach out to our law firm. We can answer any questions you may have about finding an adoption opportunity with our program and help you connect with matching professionals who can guide you through this creative process, step by step. To learn more about this process, please contact the Nelson Law Firm today.

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