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Why It’s Never Too Late to Adopt an Adult You Care About

Why It’s Never Too Late to Adopt an Adult You Care About

It is not uncommon for adults to develop meaningful, parent-child relationships with each other, or to want to legally document a longstanding bond they share with a now-adult stepchild or former foster child. These families often wonder, “Can I adopt an adult in Iowa?”

With adult adoption, it is never too late to legally complete your family. Here, learn how Nelson Law Firm can help you complete your adult adoption in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Grundy Center, or anywhere else in the state.

How to Adopt an Adult in Iowa

Adopting an adult can be a wonderful way for stepparents, foster parents, and other informal parental figures to formalize the important relationships they share with their now-adult children. Like any other form of adoption, adult adoption establishes a new, legal parent-child relationship.

However, unlike many other forms of adoption, the adult adoption process does not require the termination of parental rights, making it a fairly simple and straightforward legal process. Nelson Law Firm can provide all of the services you need to adopt an adult, including:

  • filing an adoption petition with the court.
  • obtaining the necessary consents from the adopting adults and the adult to be adopted.
  • arranging a court hearing to legally finalize the adult adoption.
  • and more.

In addition, Ken Nelson can assist you with any other legal services you may need following the adult adoption process; for example, if the adult adoptee chooses to change his or her last name, they may wish to have their children’s names legally changed as well.

While adult adoption in Iowa can be a relatively quick, cost-effective process, it is important to work with an experienced attorney like Ken to ensure all aspects are handled legally and as efficiently as possible.

How Adult Adoption Can Benefit Your Family

Individuals considering adult adoption often already consider their children or parents to be part of their family, whether or not they complete the legal adoption process. However, legally formalizing this relationship can provide everyone involved with a number of important benefits. Adult adoption:

  • allows for a legal name change.
  • May entitle family members to social security benefits.
  • May allow for certain testamentary rights.
  • and more.

In addition to these legal rights, adult adoption can be a powerful reminder of a family’s commitment to one another. Because adult adoptions often follow a deep, existing parent-child relationship developed over time, this process can provide everyone in the family with a sense of permanence and finality.

If you are ready to legally establish your parent-child relationship with an adult you love, contact Nelson Law Firm to learn more about adult adoption in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Grundy Center, or anywhere else in Iowa.

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