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How You Can Complete a Single-Parent Adoption in Iowa

How You Can Complete a Single-Parent Adoption in Iowa

Is single-parent adoption in Iowa legal? The answer is yes — and attorney Ken Nelson is here to help all those adopting as a single woman or man complete all the necessary steps to bring a long-awaited child into his or her life.

American families today look very different from those of earlier decades, and single parenting is on the rise. In fact, more than a quarter of American children — 26 percent — are currently being raised by a single parent in the United States today — a huge increase from only 9 percent in 1960.

If you want to become a single parent, know that there are several options available to you. One such option is a single-parent adoption, whether it’s through a private domestic infant adoption, a foster care adoption or an international adoption.

While single-parent adoption in Iowa is a possibility, it is important that all prospective parents speak with an adoption attorney when pursuing this path. Each adoption process is different, so an experienced adoption professional can give you a better expectation of what steps you may need to take moving forward.

To learn more about a single father adoption or a single mother adoption in your situation, please contact the Nelson Law Firm today.

Can Single Parents Adopt in Iowa?

The Iowa adoption statutes state that any unmarried adult can pursue a single-parent adoption in Iowa. As long as they meet any other requirements to adopt a child, legally, single parents can adopt in Iowa.

If you are considering a single-parent adoption, you need to recognize that different adoption professionals may have different requirements to adopt a child, even ones not outlined by the state. Some professionals may not work with single adoptive parents, or restrict adoptive parents based on age and other factors. This is why prospective adoptive parents should always choose an adoption professional based on their own adoption goals and preferences.

Attorney Ken Nelson can better explain which kind of adoption requirements may apply to your single-parent adoption in Iowa before you get started.

How is a Single-Parent Adoption Different?

In most ways, the process of adopting as a single woman or man in Iowa is no different than adopting jointly as a couple. You will go through the same legal steps for whichever adoption process you choose, but some of these steps may be slightly different because of your marital status.

While a single parent has the right to adopt through any adoption process, prospective adoptive parents should consider which one is best for their family before moving forward. For example, single parents may experience a shorter wait time with a foster care adoption than a private domestic infant adoption, in which a prospective birth mother selects a family for her child. Single parents may also be unable to pursue international adoption in certain countries that do have a marriage requirement to adopt.

These aspects, as well as the requirements of individual adoption professionals, can greatly impact which adoption processes are possibilities for prospective single parents.

Your home study investigation may also include additional questions to confirm that you are truly prepared for the unique challenges of single parenting. Home study providers will work with you to prepare you for your single-parent adoption in Iowa, but the process may require additional consideration and preparation on your part, as well.

To learn more about your unique adoption process as a single man or woman, contact the Nelson Law Firm. Our professionals can refer you to single parent adoption agencies to guide you through every step and help you meet any additional requirements for a single-parent adoption in Iowa.

What Should I Consider Before Becoming a Single Parent?

Becoming a parent in itself is a great commitment to make and, when you’re planning on adopting as a single woman or man to become a parent, you will have additional challenges that those who are co-parenting do not. Before raising a child on your own, you should consider these and how you will address them in your own life.

Some of the questions you may ask yourself should be:

  • Can I afford to raise a child on my own? Raising a child is expensive and, when you are a single parent, you will only be doing so on one salary. Consider how you will afford the expenses of raising child, especially considering additional childcare costs.
  • What are my plans in case of an emergency? All single parents should have a support system of family and friends that they can lean on in case they are unable to care for their child. Consider what you will do if something happens that prevents you from fulfilling your parental duties.
  • What will I do in regards to dating and relationships? Many single parents do not give up on love after they have had a child, but a child does make dating complicated. You may need to be comfortable with forgoing dating during the first few years as you adjust to your new family addition.
  • How will I handle the stigmas of single parenting? While the view of single parents has improved greatly over the years, there are still people who look down on those raising children on their own. Single parents should be prepared to address their child’s difficult questions and normalize their family structure from the beginning.

Single parenting is definitely a possibility in the United States today, but prospective single parents may consider speaking with other single parents to better know what to expect as they move forward and pursue their family goals.

How Can I Begin My Single-Parent Adoption in Iowa?

If you’re considering a single father adoption or single mother adoption, the first step is to determine which type of adoption process is best for you. You can always speak with adoption attorney Ken Nelson about the legal pros and cons of each to help determine which is the right choice for you. When you’re ready, Ken can help you pursue an independent adoption or refer you to appropriate adoption professionals to find an adoption opportunity.

To start your single-parent adoption today, please contact the Nelson Law Firm.

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