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How You Can Have a Secret, Confidential Adoption in Iowa

Ideally, all expectant mothers who consider adoption for their children would have a support system of friends and family to lean on during this life-changing journey. But, we know this isn’t always the case. Whether because of unsupportive family and friends, or because of the possibility of dangerous situations, some prospective birth mothers wonder if they can have a secret, anonymous adoption in Iowa.

The answer is yes. Your safety and the safety of your baby is always a top priority for our adoption professionals, and our legal team will work closely with you to ensure your privacy is protected during your Iowa adoption process. Every adoption that our team completes is a confidential adoption, meaning information you share with us will never be shared without your permission; we support the decision you are making and will do everything to protect your rights as a prospective birth mother, no matter your personal situation.

To learn more about how our legal professionals can help you with an adoption kept secret in Iowa, we encourage you to call our law offices at 319-291-6161.

Is a Secret Adoption Possible for You?

Hopefully, you feel that you have a solid support system of people in your life who respect your decision to place your child for adoption. But, in some cases, prospective birth mothers are faced with a lack of support or interest in their adoption plan, or even direct opposition to their decision and wishes.

Sadly, not everyone is educated about the benefits of adoption, and many pregnant women feel that they need to have their adoption kept secret from these people in their lives. If you believe that you might need a secret adoption, you can contact the Nelson Law Firm to learn about the legalities of pursuing a confidential adoption in Iowa.

Our team can connect you with whatever resources you may need in keeping your adoption a secret from certain people in your life. This can include access to free legal services at Nelson Law Firm, medical care, counseling services, assistance from an anonymous adoption agency and more. You may even be able to receive certain financial assistance to assist in keeping your adoption a secret — such as transportation funds for attending medical appointments in a different city or region, to keep your pregnancy and adoption a secret from those in your area.

Sometimes there is only one or two people that you need to keep the adoption a secret from. A confidential adoption may allow you to hide the adoption from that person and prevent them from interfering in your adoption plan, but you’ll still be able to have an open adoption with the adoptive family after placement. The decision about who to involve in your adoption journey will always be up to you.

If you think that a secret adoption is the best way to keep yourself safe throughout the duration of your pregnancy, the Nelson Law Firm can help.

How Our Law Firm Will Always Protect Your Privacy

However many people you choose to involve in your adoption journey, remember that you always have the right to a confidential adoption. When you work with our legal professionals, you can be sure that your personal information will always be protected.

You will always have the right to choose what kind of information (if any) is shared with the adoptive family that you choose for your child. While it is always best to provide the adoptive family with medical information to keep your child safe in the future, that information can be provided with any of your identifying information redacted. We will never share your personal information with the adoptive family without your consent, just as we will never share any information about your adoption with anyone unless you have told us to. This means we will never confirm your adoption journey to anyone that contacts our firm unless we have your explicit permission to do so.

All medical records from your prenatal care and delivery process will be confidential. Our records of your adoption will always remain sealed after the process is complete. No one else can access these documents without your permission, including your adopted child, except by order of the court. This will include your child’s original birth certificate.

If you are considering a secret adoption in Iowa, we urge you to consider what kind of post-placement relationship you want with your child and their adoptive parents. While you may wish to keep your adoption a secret from your family and friends, think about the benefits of a semi-open or open adoption for all involved before deciding on a fully closed adoption. If you choose a confidential adoption with a semi-open or open post-contact relationship, you can still communicate with the adoptive family after the adoption is complete, if you feel comfortable doing so — and you can do that while still keeping adoption a secret from some of the other people in your life for now.

Choosing a closed or confidential adoption is a big decision to make, and it’s one that you shouldn’t make until you have fully researched your options and the pros and cons of this path. Keeping adoption a secret can be difficult — but it is possible when you work with the right professionals from the very start. To learn more about how to protect yourself legally with a confidential adoption, contact the offices of Nelson Law Firm now.

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