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How Long Does it Take to Adopt

Are you considering beginning the adoption process and wondering, “How long does the adoption process take?” Nelson Law Firm can help you minimize your adoption wait time and understand the factors that will determine how long you’ll wait to adopt a child in Iowa.

To get an estimate of how long you’ll wait in your adoption process, here are the most common factors that will affect your adoption wait time:

1. How You Choose to Search for an Adoption Opportunity

If you’re working with Nelson Law Firm, there are three ways you can search for a birth mother to adopt from: you can keep your adoptive family profile on file with attorney Ken Nelson, search for pregnant mothers considering adoption independently (with Ken’s guidance), and/or work with an adoption agency for additional matching services.

Throughout this process, Ken can provide advice to help you find the perfect adoption opportunity quickly and refer you to trusted adoption professionals who can connect you with pre-screened prospective birth parents while minimizing your wait time.

2. Your Openness and Flexibility

Being open to many different types of adoption situations, potential birth mothers and adopted children will significantly decrease how long the adoption process takes for you in your search. For example, letting your adoption professional know that you’re open to adopting children of any race will cut down how long you wait to adopt, because you will be eligible for more potential adoption opportunities.

Being open to any level of post-adoption contact with the birth family will also determine how long you wait to adopt a child in Iowa. For example, couples who are willing to have an open adoption with their child’s birth family throughout the years will be more likely to have a birth mother choose them in a shorter amount of time, because most birth mothers are requesting an open adoption relationship with the adoptive family.

Educating yourself about open adoption, transracial adoption, and various items in prospective birth mothers’ social and medical backgrounds will help you feel more comfortable with the idea of adopting from a wide range of prospective birth mothers, and it’ll decrease how long you have to wait to bring a child into your family.

3. Your Adoption Budget

Increasing your total adoption budget will decrease how long the adoption process takes.

Some prospective birth mothers need more financial assistance than others, depending on their current situation. You will need to cover the costs of their medical care and legal counsel with Nelson Law Firm, and they might need help affording certain living expenses while they’re pregnant and unable to work as many hours.

If you can afford to support birth mothers with greater financial need throughout the adoption process, then you’ll increase the number of potential birth mothers you could be matched with. So, the more flexible your adoption budget is, the more potential birth mothers you may be matched with based on their financial needs and your ability to provide for those needs.

Nelson Law Firm is Ready to Help with Your Adoption Process Now

Are you ready to begin the adoption process? Contact Nelson Law Firm now to learn about the legal steps of the Iowa adoption process and how you can start today. We can work with you to find the potential birth mother who will help you become a family.

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