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Questions to Ask Adoptive Parents

You don’t have to go through the adoption process alone. Nelson Law Firm is here to help guide you through the toughest parts of the decision. That includes talking with adoptive parents for the first time.

Speaking with the potential adoptive family of your baby is equal parts exciting and scary. To help you make the most out of this first conversation, here are a few questions to ask potential adoptive parents to get you started:

Start the Conversation and Just Get to Know Them

Take some time to get comfortable with each other. Look at this first time talking with the adoptive parents like getting to know someone over a cup of coffee rather than a serious interview about adoption. You’ll find out more about what they’re like that way, and you’ll both feel more confident and excited about the possible adoption opportunity in front of you. Some general questions to ask adoptive parents as you get to know them include:

  • Where did you two meet?
  • What are your families like?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • What’s your favorite thing to do together?
  • What’s your favorite thing about your spouse?
  • Any favorite movies? TV shows? Books? Places to visit?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have other children?

Find Out About Their Adoption Plan, and Compare It to Your Own

You probably already have a relatively clear idea of how you’d like your adoption to look. Prospective adoptive parents do, too. But are those plans a good match for each other? Is this the right adoptive family to raise your baby?

You can learn more about their ideal adoption situation by considering questions to ask prospective adoptive parents such as these:

  • Do you know anyone with a connection to adoption?
  • When did you realize that you wanted to become parents through adoption?
  • How much contact would you want to maintain after the adoption?
  • How do you plan on talking to your children about being adopted and about me?

You can also ask some general questions about the kind of adoptive family they’d be for your child:

  • What kind of family activities would you want to do together?
  • Is there anywhere you’d want to travel together?
  • What do you feel like you have to offer that you can teach to a child?
  • What’s your parenting style like?
  • How many children would you like to have someday?
  • What family traditions do you have or would you like to start?

After asking these possible questions to ask prospective adoptive parents, you should walk away from the conversation feeling more confident about whether or not they’re the right fit for your adoption and about the kind of family they’d provide for your child. Many women considering adoption feel relieved after talking with adoptive parents; they feel like their most important questions were answered and that their fears about the adoption were addressed.

Interested in looking at adoptive family profiles? Would you like to arrange a time to speak to potential adoptive parents? Contact Nelson Law Firm at either their Waterloo (319-291-6161) or Grundy Center (319-825-6161) locations to start looking for the perfect adoptive parents for your baby.

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