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Are You Thinking About Adoption for Your Baby in Iowa?

Are you considering adoption for your unplanned pregnancy? If you’re pregnant and looking into adoption in Iowa, Nelson Law Firm, PLLC can help. You can call our main office in Waterloo at 319-291-6161 now for free, no-obligation information about your unplanned pregnancy options (including adoption and the adoption process), and we’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have in the early stages of thinking about adoption.

Here are a few of the questions that many pregnant women considering adoption in Iowa have for Nelson Law Firm:

“Will my baby know who I am if they’re adopted?”

Yes — adopted children grow up knowing that their birth mother loved them so much that she placed their needs before her own desires. They will know that you chose their adoptive family because you knew their adoptive parents would be able to raise them in a stable, loving two-parent home that could provide them with opportunities that you yourself could not.

And, with an open adoption like the ones Nelson Law Firm specializes in, you can decide how much and what form of contact you’d like to have before, during and after the adoption is complete. You can discuss phone calls, letters, photos, video chats, emails, visits and more.

Birth mothers will always play a special and valued role in the lives of adopted children and their adoptive families.

“Is adoption expensive?”

Adoption is free for pregnant women thinking about adoption in Iowa. In fact, your medical, legal and pregnancy expenses are all taken care of for you, so you don’t have to worry about finances standing in the way of doing what you feel is best for you and your baby.

Many pregnant women thinking about adoption in Iowa are also eligible to receive help with their living expenses like rent, utilities and groceries.

“What will I be able to decide about my adoption?”

Everything. You can choose the adoptive parents for your baby, decide what their family will look like, where they’ll grow up, how often you’ll keep in touch, if they’ll have siblings and pets and more.

You can also decide all the details about your hospital and birth plan, such as who you want in the delivery room with you, if you want to hold your baby afterwards and more. Whatever you envision for your adoption, Nelson Law Firm can make that happen when you call us to create an adoption plan.

“Is adoption right for me?”

Only you can decide that — not your adoption professional and not your family, friends or the baby’s father. This is your decision, and you deserve to choose what’s right for you and for the baby.

You can call our main office in Waterloo at 319-291-6161 for free information if you’re considering adoption, or even if you just want to hear honest information about all your pregnancy options. If you’d like to talk to an adoption attorney at Nelson Law, you can contact them now with your questions.

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